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Preview Dyes

Click on the colors below to view a sample swatch.
You can change the view by using the buttons below.

This is a work in progress. By no means is this list complete.

Request for dyes can be made by using the comment section below.

Color Swatches

R0 G0 B0
R25 G25 B25
R30 G30 B30
R97 G97 B97
R230 G230 B230
R235 G235 B235
R240 G240 B240
R255 G255 B255
R140 G36 B35
R171 G40 B38
R200 G35 B35
R220 G35 B35
R220 G15 B15
R200 G159 B35
R200 G130 B35
R220 G133 B15
R200 G96 B35
R214 G51 B15
R181 G171 B51
R197 G186 B34
R210 G210 B0
R215 G201 B30
R239 G250 B46
R249 G249 B0
R156 G195 B89
R145 G200 B35
R96 G186 B52
R88 G200 B35
R70 G195 B35
R81 G200 B15
R36 G85 B59
R33 G188 B78
R50 G167 B83
R66 G160 B93
R175 G197 B34
R35 G99 B200
R35 G60 B200
R35 G35 B200
R28 G28 B160
R20 G20 B116
R22 G40 B127
R16 G0 B220
R15 G15 B220
R17 G20 B47
R81 G35 B200
R69 G28 B163
R97 G28 B161
R72 G21 B108
R97 G12 B177
R121 G21 B110
R187 G155 B169
R197 G137 B146
R184 G135 B155
R174 G125 B153
R175 G30 B62
R160 G28 B75
R255 G191 B255
R255 G122 B165
R253 G110 B255
R242 G189 B189
R220 G84 B186
R255 G84 B186
R255 G89 B151
R255 G93 B118
R35 G177 B200
R35 G158 B200
R15 G167 B220
R33 G189 B185
R33 G189 B169
R40 G167 B165
R45 G168 B158
R66 G164 B153
R169 G250 B250
R136 G170 B203
R138 G198 B255
R167 G218 B255
R199 G177 B124
R90 G57 B49
R66 G41 B33

To Be Added

R57 G126 B181
R64 G92 B94
R52 G72 B98
R33 G58 B188
R170 G170 B93
R102 G104 B124
R179 G147 B83
R161 G127 B132
R132 G67 B98
R177 G39 B37
R138 G77 B74
R140 G65 B95
R199 G170 B170
R112 G61 B64
R185 G120 B144
R179 G120 B146
R114 G30 B50
R184 G133 B139
R191 G130 B139
R117 G32 B64
R163 G181 B50
R129 G36 B59
R184 G125 B46
R57 G136 B165
R195 G137 B127
R139 G79 B111
R49 G22 B125
R189 G146 B159

Request Dye